Sunday 28 April 5pm | ACMI Cinema 1
 | Unclassified No age restrictions
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This suspense-filled sci-fi adventure for all ages draws on Greenlandic culture, myth, folklore and legends, with a healthy dose of humour. When Nukappi (Casper Bach Zeeb) begins to have strange dreams he does not understand, he and his childhood friend Mio find themselves swept up in a world of Angakkoq (shaman), sorcerers, and evil spirits. When Nukappi is told he is one of the last remaining Angakkoq in Greenland, the stage is set for a future he never envisioned and a power he must learn to yield. After discovering the Tarratta Nunaanni, a dark parallel world that threatens their own, the guys become key players in an epic battle between good and evil with our reality hanging in the balance.

Akornatsinniitut - Tarratta Nunaanni is the first sci-fi fantasy movie to come out of Greenland and is the feature film debut for Marc Fussing Rosbach, who also co-stars in the role of Mio. A largely self-taught filmmaker, Marc learned After Effects at home via YouTube tutorials to create the film’s stunning visual effects.

Born in Denmark, Marc Fussing Rosbach has worked as a visual effects artist, composer, and editor on a number of film, TV and music video productions in his native Greenland. He was also a TV host for Nuuk-based Tumit Production and is the CEO and founder of Furos Image, a production company based in Greenland.

Director/Writer: Marc Fussing Rosbach (Inuk - Greenlandic)

Producers: Marc Fussing Rosbach (Inuk - Greenlandic), Ane Lena Fussing Rosbach (Inuk - Greenlandic) & Edvard Rosbach (Inuk - Greenlandic)
Greenland | 2017 | 90 mins

Greenlandic | English Subtitles

NOTE: This film is available in the BIRRARANGGA Film Festival 3-pass and 5-pass ticket packages.