Short Films at BIRRARANGGA Film Festival

Fast Horse (still), credit: aAron Munson

We would like to tell you all about our fantastic shorts packages, featuring a diverse range of short films.

In Our Family, Our Culture, you can watch a selection of heartwarming stories from across continents, highlighting the similarities of cultural values. The Reality of Humanity is a shorts program exploring darker themes that address some of the hard truths faced by our communities.

Celebrating Victorian Indigenous Screen Creatives is a short film program is a retrospective and celebration of Victorian Indigenous creatives on screen, while Mother Tongue features a selection of shorts celebrating the UN year for Indigenous Languages, curated by Artistic Director of Winda Film Festival, Pauline Clague.

We have two sessions for younger audiences called Kyindoo Wilam (Learning Place). This is a place where older children, teenagers and adults can come to watch and learn. Stories that are beautifully expressed with honesty and warmth yet highlighting the negative impact of colonisation and the profound strength through the connection to culture by Indigenous people. The first session, suitable for 15+, is a selection of animations and short films from Canada, while the second session is suitable for all ages, and features short films from across the world that explore family and culture.