Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 April 10am to 4pm | ACMI Foyer | Unclassified No age restrictions

Prepare to be guided through a magical world of Ngarluma Dreaming by an ancient spirit of the land.

You begin by watching the Creation Story, as Mingkala the Creator shapes the world and all the creatures and plants in it. Then you are transported into the body of Sheldon, a mine site worker, waiting outside a mining support cabin, close to a sacred Rock Art site in the Pilbara.

As Sheldon, you follow a Willy Wagtail bird to a dried-up waterhole with mysterious petroglyphs on the rocks around it. Touching the sacred Rock Art transports you through a portal to the Spirit World, where the magical Willy Wagtail spirit (Jirri Jirri) is your guide.

The portal takes you to an underground cavern where a sparkling waterfall crashes into the now-full waterhole, family spirits congregate, and colourful fish spirits swim in the water. Jirri Jirri appears and transforms into human form, and performs the Welcome to Country.

Jirri Jirri explains the importance of sacred sites like thalu. The waterhole site or fish thalu is where people go to ask the spirits for fish. The fish thalu must be revered and not destroyed by human actions, or the fish spirits cannot be sent up to the human world. Jirri Jirri gives you a set of wirrabura or boomerangs and shows you how to direct fish spirits up through the thalu.

You now have the choice of visiting different magical places through the petroglyphs. These worlds can be visited in any order: the Flora thalu, a twilit world filled with plants and trees that shine like jewels; the Fauna thalu, dotted with birds and animals as far as the eye can see; and the Elements thalu, a turbulent world seething and crackling with thunder and lightning.

Each world has a different scene to experience that teaches how humans and spirits are all connected to the land. When you have completed the scenes for each world, you may continue to Mingkala’s world, which is more beautiful than all the places you have just visited.

Mingkala, the Creator and Sky God greets you and gives you sacred knowledge to take back to the human world and share with those you know. Mingkala then returns you to the human world.