Sunday 28 April 12.30pm | ACMI Cinema 1 | Unclassified - No age restrictions
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Nestled over 5,000 metres above sea level a day’s journey from the nearest town, the modest farmhouse near the peaks of the Andes is the only place Willka and Phaxsi have called home. Elderly but still mobile, the couple tends to their beloved herd of sheep as they live a near-solitary existence of subsistence, with only themselves and their animals for company. As the passage of time and circumstance leave their lives hanging in a fragile balance, the couple yearns for their long-absent son to return home from the city. 

Wiñaypacha is a deeply emotional experience and features stunning cinematography that must be seen on the big screen. This landmark film is the first feature filmed entirely in the Aymara language and has swept awards at festivals around the world. The story of Willka and Phaxsi (Sun and Moon in Aymara) will touch your heart and soul. 

A strong new artistic voice from Latin America, the award-winning artist Oscar Catacora is a self-taught filmmaker from Peru. He began his career as an audiovisual producer at age 17 and went on to develop short and mid-length experimental films. Wiñaypacha is his first feature length film. He has a degree in Social Communication Sciences and has studied Art in the specialty of Theater at the National University of Puno Altiplano - Peru. 

Director & Writer: Oscar Catacora (Aymara)
Producer: Tito Catacora (Aymara)
Peru | 2017 | 87 mins
Aymara | English Subtitles

NOTE: This film is available in the BIRRARANGGA Film Festival 3-pass and 5-pass ticket packages.